Amal’s reality from her own perspective, not as it exists

About the Artist

Amal Saud was born in Saudi Arabia. She won the Internal Visual Arts Competition held in Britain. She represented the kingdom in the International Mosaic Summit in Britain which is held under the auspices of Prince Charles.

The Saudi artist Amal Saud has chosen the digital painting technique to reach out to her audience.

Amal Saud: In the early days of my artistic journey, I came across a tutorial website with hands-on learning and educational activities.

Amal Saud admits that she is immensely influenced by modern technology. She spends long spells of time on the Internet which gives her an edge in understanding digital painting technology.

Amal Saud: I became adept in this area and taught courses in the medium.

Before pursuing this path, Amal used to employ the traditional style of painting, whose concepts she has retained in her new work, despite the change of technique.

Amal Saud: I seek to embody the beliefs prevailing in my society.

Amal made a breakthrough in digital painting and she was able to overcome earlier hurdles of conveying her message.

Amal Saud: When my paintings speak of bigotry, oppression or women’s hardships, it is not a connotation of the life I am leading.

Embracing many schools of art in her paintings, Amal claims that her artwork reflects reality as she beholds it, and not as it is.

Very creative, she can bring true Islamic art in public at large in Europe .
Muhammad Naeem Ul Fateh , PhD

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