3-D inspired from Jalal Adin al-Rumi

About the Artist

The Iraqi artist Eyad al-Musawi was born in Baghdad. In 1991, he received a scholarship from “Luswayt Firmt” ( لوسوايت فرمت). He lives in the Banff cultural center in Alberta, Canada.

Between 1986 and 1989 he got his BA in graphic arts, High Diploma, Arts studies, Graphic Studio, at the Faculty of Arts at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada.

In 1979 he participated in Asilah cultural and artistic festival in Morocco. Eyad al- Musawi has studied and read about the history of art for more than 20 years, especially about fine arts and Arab and Islamic architecture.

“When people go to the ‘Land of Nod,’ the soul of my beautiful city wakes up in joy, with its heroes who are the characters on my canvas dancing in jubilation with moonlight and bright colors in the background.”

This is how al-Musawi describes his relationship with his paintings. A relation predicated on challenge, inventing new artistic tools of expressions and unleashing wild imagination in colors, so that the outcome would not result in something dull and lifeless.

Eyad al-Musawi: I am a dreamer. Dreaming is a blessing in life.

For more than three decades, al-Musawi studied the history of art and Islamic architecture whose influence had been deeply implanted in his mind by the city of Baghdad.

Eyad al-Musawi: I still recall the first painting which was inspired by the Islamic architecture.

Al-Musawi regards his current 3-D art projects to be of paramount significance. He even imparts a philosophical dimension to his venture and believes that there are common grounds between his projects and those of the Muslim poet and Sufi mystic, Jalal Adin al-Rumi.

Eyad al-Musawi: I am inclined at times to think that the combination of some colors produces weird or contradictory outcomes. However, viewing the canvas in its entirety, you will be stunned with its harmony, aura of spiritualism, eternal calm, and so on.

Al-Musawi’s life has always been on the move. He started his journey from Baghdad, headed to Kuwait, Morocco, and finally, the UAE. His paintings reveal his in-depth perception of the surrounding settings which enabled him to culminate in the third dimension, and thus you see uprooted houses and trees defiantly flying in abstractionism.