Al Mohaimeed’s art reflects a peerless mastery of tools

About the Artist

Ali Al Mohaimeed was born in al-Muharraq, Bahrain in 1945. He is the head of a social group in its current session. He is also a member of Bahrain’s Fine Arts Society. He has work on display at the exhibition hall in Bahrain’s National Museum.

Ali Inspecting the works of Ali Al Mohaimeed will evoke many questions which beg answers. Is he an artist born with inherent sculpturing skills or is his art an acquired talent?

Ali Al Mohaimeed: You have to be an artist to produce a piece of sculpture. You have to plan, sketch and then sculpt.

Al Mohaimeed’s artworks reflect unrivaled mastery of his tools; an artist’s chisel, an invisible brush effect, and colors bowing down in admiration to black and white.

Ali Al Mohaimeed: Ten percent of my works is based on colors and the rest is printing.

The fine line between Al Mohaimeed’s paintings and sculptures was only evident in printing whose techniques can only be mastered by craftsmen.

Al Mohaimeed can manipulate letters and tinge them with a remarkable graphic dimension to create a story which has got a prologue, plot, climax and end.

Ali Al Mohaimeed: All the letters and words embodied in the painting are obscure, yet the viewers see them.

It is merely a formation of letters, but in effect it has precious connotations for me.