Breaking the norms with “Birds’ Dialogue”

About the Artist

Faiza Mubarak is an Emirati artist who was lucky to have been mentored by several prominent figures in the arts field. Her work offers new ideas that reflect her creative vision in any exhibition she takes part in. Under the auspices of the Emirates Foundation, Mubarak took part in arts project with Le Consortium, a contemporary arts center in Dijon, France. Mubarak is now a member of the Emirates Foundation for Fine Arts and Association of Architectural Heritage Preservation.

When she held her first art exhibition in Paris, the French audience was surprised to see Faiza Mubarak in a black abaya (flowing cloak), but were soon mesmerized by her visual masterpieces and her imposing yet eloquent presence.

Faiza Mubarak: Coming to Paris and holding a solo exhibition has always been a dream and a challenge at the same time.

Mubarak never attended any school of art, but was enlightened by a group of artists whom she described as gurus.

Faiza Mubarak: I have been greatly influenced by the refined experience of meeting and interacting with the artists visiting the UAE who have left an indelible mark on my career.

Mubarak believes that when artists gaze at the surroundings properly, they will find a treasure trove of symbols.

Faiza Mubarak: My symbols are mostly inspired by books.

Her dedicated passion to symbols paved the way to a successful project “Birds’ Dialogue” which was sponsored by France.

The salient feature of Mubarak’s experience is manifested in her approach of thinking outside the box and the use of unconventional tools, all of which creates a body of art that embraces all the paradox.