Challenging still life images

About the Artist

Abdul Qader Al-Rais was born in Dubai in 1951. He earned his Bachelor degree from the UAE University in 1982. His artistic talents emerged shortly and then slowly and gradually evolved through the 1980s and 1990s in the twentieth century. Al-Rais soon became the most eminent artist and his name was the most present in art exhibitions in the UAE and Gulf. Although he got into the art world as an amateur, he finally took the decision to become a professional artist and consequently the first professional artist in the history of Fine Art in the UAE. Al-Rais also contributed to the foundation of the Emirates Fine Arts society.

Driven by religious beliefs, Al Rais only draws still life paintings. This limitation has posed many challenges for him as he could display his inherent skills only in a very narrow spectrum. However, he turned the tide, and devised coloring techniques and styles which gave him a remarkable position which no one dares to emulate.

Abdul Qader Al-Rais: Every artist should have his unique traits and style, so that the beholder could recognize the artwork without having to see his or her initials.

Old buildings, arches, windows, palm trees and doors with faded paintings are but a few of the themes of Al Rais masterpieces in the 1970s. His paintings showed unequaled skills of oil and water color paintings, and thus, enriching the world of art in the Gulf region with a unique heritage.

Abdul Qader Al-Rais: I don’t merely draw doors and old houses, but rather embraced the abstract style as a kind of challenge.

Rich and impressive colors are the salient hallmarks of Al Rais’ paintings as critics believe.

Abdul Qader Al-Rais: Once a man is determined and has the passion for any goal, he will definitely attain it.