Colors symbolize a bond of love

About the Artist

Lebanese artist Mohammed Kaddoura was born in Beirut in 1941. He is holder of a diploma from the faculty of fine arts in Rome, Italy. Mohammed Anis Kaddoura’s paintings portray reality in a peaceful and reassuring way.

Kaddoura’s hometown Ein al-Mraiseh in Beirut introduced him to art and colors, which later turned into an enduring bond of love. No wonder, Kaddoura developed such a passion, having grown up in a town bestowed with captivating natural beauty.

Inspired by the art of tools and colors of a Hungarian artist who rented a property from his parents, Kaddoura started on a lifetime journey in the realm of art.

Mohammed Kaddoura: When I was in the elementary school, they regarded me as the genius artist. Intriguingly, I used to sit in the last row during the art examination and do the assignments of 30-odd students and in the last five minutes complete my own assignment.

His adoration for colors, water and brushes made him set off for Rome in a quest of innovation to explore new grounds of metaphysical art.

Mohammed Kaddoura: Rome was an rich source of knowledge for me and for all my colleagues.

Kaddoura’s aquarelle paintings in transparent water colors cast a magic spell on art lovers.

Mohammed Kaddoura: Aquarelle style in Fine Arts has the same prestigious standing of poetry in literature in my view. Besides, we have only a handful of artists who have mastered it. Unfortunately, the trend is reversed nowadays, and people think it is a cakewalk or a no-brainer, which is not true.