A dot is the starting point

About the Artist

Amal al-Ghussain was born in Abu Dhabi in 1968. She is a member in the Emirates Fine Arts society. Al-Ghussain holds a bachelor of Fine Arts degree specialized in dotting, design and print from the Fine Art faculty in Tripoli, Libya.

Amal al-Ghussain faced a barrage of criticism and outcry for spending around three years in dotted drawing particularly when engaged in painting on a canvas of large scale which required working for at least four hours daily for two months.

Amal al-Ghussain: The dot is the starting point of drawing and word; even in numbers we do need the dot which is zero.

In her early attempts at dotted drawing, Amal used water colors and the smallest brush of zero size with the sharply pointed head which renders the best dots reflecting the artist’s character.

Amal al-Ghussain: Falcon is an embodiment of freedom, and horse is synonymous with loyalty.

When you take a glance at Amal al-Ghussain’s paintings with their tiny details, you get the feeling that it was done manually by fixing one dot after another. However, the accumulation of dots creates a cohesive shape that renders the work to be closer to impressionistic style.