Eliminating the undesirable effects of colors

About the Artist

Mohammed Al-Ablan was born in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia and holds a Diploma in Art Education. He participated in most of the Kingdom’s internal and external exhibitions and received several awards and certificates of appreciation. One of his works of art is displayed at the King Fahd International Airport in the Eastern Province. Al-Ablan is one of the founders of the Saudi Society of Fine Arts as well as the colors group of Fine Arts

The Saudi Artist Mohammed al-Ablan launched his first art exhibition under the slogan “Within Reach”. Al-Ablan’s choice of the title was, reportedly, inspired by his conviction that hiding color as a drawing technique was an obtainable approach.

Mohammed al-Ablan: I made an endeavor to veil the color and its impact completely.

He started painting as a young man and after amassing experience in painting for ten long years Ablan joined the Fine Arts Association. From there he embarked on launching his art exhibitions.

Pastes, ropes, canvas and remains of second hand films were but a few materials which Al Ablan used in his innovative techniques.

Mohammed al-Ablan: I don’t mind adding any material if it would serve the purpose of my painting.

Subject to his artistic criteria, al-Ablan has casually used Arabic calligraphy in his paintings. In his view, it is an essential element which could impart a further aesthetical dimension to his artistic works. Beholders would undoubtedly sense the range of al-Ablan’s paintings as they depict different historical eras.

Mohammed al-Ablan: All my paintings are inspired by a concept.