He is aware of reality, yet doesn’t copy it

About the Artist

The Emirati artist Obaid Suroor was born in Ras al-Khaimah. He is the founder of the Emirates Society of Fine Arts, and the supervisor of Ras al-Khaimah's association’s studio. He holds a B.A of Fine Arts from the University of Cairo in 1979.

The black rock mountains, towering forts, castles, sea, palm trees and old mud houses inspired Obaid Suroor to take the first step towards a long journey which has brought him close to his environment.

Obaid Suroor: It is mandatory for me as an artist to maintain this relationship with my heritage and document it.

Obaid discontinued from portraying excessive reality, but rather painted from his own perception.

In a bid to establish his vision, he sought to depict the surroundings around him using a different technique.

Obaid Suroor: Reverse imprinting technology conveys colorful effects which enable me to extend them into a piece of art, either Islamic art by employing letters or natural scenery by changing the background.

Mastering technology was the result of Obaid’s study in Egypt. On graduation, Obaid returned to Ras al- Khaimah to give back to al-Qassimiyah School where he took his first lesson in how to color. As a token of gratitude, he established an art workshop for supporting young artists who turned in a large number of artworks.

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