He found himself in Bahraini elements

About the Artist

Fine artist Omar Al Rashid holds a BA in Art Education from the Helwan University in Cairo. He participated in the Arab Youth Festival in Riyadh in 1982.

The Bahraini artist Omar Al Rashid goes to extremes in the abstract realm in his paintings. However, he maintains his style, retaining the charm of his environment without compromising its original identity.

Omar Al Rashid : I am surrounded by a charming local setting which acts as a catalyst for my search of colors and concepts. I find my lost soul in them.

Al Rashid established a close rapport with his people and fans. So when he depicts a flying bird, it first flies in his wild imagination to land eventually in the minds of the viewers. The bird is exploited by the torments of life and reflects the artist’s pensive approach.

Omar Al Rashid : We feel upbeat when we see the Bulbul birds, and many people raise them indoors, keeping them free and not shackled in their cages, as they are friendly.

Al Rashid kept in touch with different disciplines related to art, spending time with poets and writers on various occasions. However, he remained loyal to his choice of warm colors inspired by the beauty of the sky in Bahrain.