He is influenced by the mystical black color

About the Artist

Artist Sadik Kuwaysh al-Fraji was born in Baghdad in 1960. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Baghdad. He left Iraq in the early nineties and is currently living in the Netherlands where he pursued his studies in graphic design. Al-Fraji exhibited his artwork in Europe, Asia, the united States and Russia.

Once you break the ice with al-Fraji, you will be mesmerized by the ardent artist philosopher whose character poses endless questions.

Sadik al-Fraji: The underlying dilemma is to merge an artist and an intellectual into one entity. It is problematic to the artist in his career if his mind is swayed by many issues.

Al-Fraji grew up with his family in chronic destitution and misery in al-Thawra neighborhood in Baghdad until he headed for Amersfoort in Netherlands where he settled. His overwhelming imagination is influenced by his early life in the middle lane as manifested in his excessive use and even surrender to black color. Blackness, which is synonymous with misery, haunts the artist day and night leaving a gloomy mark on his paintings.

Sadik al-Fraji: The more the viewers’ hearts are filled with emotions and many obscure questions beg answers, the more they are dumbfounded by the paintings.

Art techniques are not of overriding significance to al-Fraji when it comes to the expressionist style to which he sometimes succumbs. More tellingly, when he ventured Sisyphus rolling an immense boulder in a symbolic manifestation of a demonstration, he embraced the video of art technique.

Sadik al-Fraji: You cannot pull the plug on human suffering by demonstrations or political will. The issue is much more complex.

Al-Fraji earned wide acclaim and respect among critics and art lovers thanks to his black creatures which trail his art works as they vividly tell his stories of gloom.

Sadik al-Fraji: Though my creations are all shades of black, the face of my beloved and children always remain bright and beautiful.