He learned to observe Egypt from a distance

About the Artist

The Egyptian artist Mohamed Abla was born in Mansoura in 1953. Abla holds a BA in Fine Arts from the painting department at the University of Alexandria in 1977. He also got his diploma in 1978. Mohamed Abla studied at the Arts and Industries college (Sculpture) in Zurich, Switzerland in 1981. He traveled between Mansoura, Alexandria, Cairo, Madrid, Germany, northern Germany, Austria, Zurich and Basel.

The legendary story teller Ibrahim Aslan shares common ground with the Egyptian artist Mohamed Abla who is held in high esteem by people. Abla’s affinity with the common folk makes you feel that he could even paint what is going in their subconscious minds.

Mohamed Abla: The Nile is so charming and wild, yet it would not be so without people who are the source of my inspiration.

Abla got a flavor of Egypt in a seven-year period during which he earned his academic qualification, conducted art exhibitions and lived abroad.

Mohamed Abla: Diversity, particularly exposure to different cultures, was a great experience. No pain, no gain. I used to be deeply attached to people around me and to my country. Now, I have become a bit detached.

Abla’s characters fly in the space of Cairo city. They are so real that the viewers feel as if they have known the characters for a long time.

Mohamed Abla: I am in search for the relationship that meshes the real human being with the real place; this is something that we should work on together.