He never confined to a specific color, subject or technique

About the Artist

Syrian artist Tamam Azzam was born in Damascus, Syria in 1980. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in the University of Damascus in 2001. In 2003, he got his degree in oil painting from the September Academy at the academy of arts (Darat al-Funun) in Amman, Jordan.

Azzam’s paintings mesmerized fine arts lovers even though he came from a desolate community that offered no support to develop his potential in art.

Tamam Azzam: I adore the city life with all its complexities and details. It is way better than living in a locale devoid of any distinguishing features of its own.

Azzam chose linen, washed and spread, in a bold move for a unique project that could have been disapproved by his audience. Perhaps only seasoned artists with rich experience dare to embark on such projects.

Tamam Azzam: Art is not about age. There are many examples of famous artists who passed away and left a legacy behind them for many generations. Art is indeed ageless.

Azzam is a uniquely talented artist who could employ fabrics to produce myriad visual effects and turn ordinary objects into multi-colored works of art.

Tamam Azzam: I am working on the impact people may leave on places. At the end of the day, I am narrating stories of places which people abandoned.

In Azzam’s paintings colors are let loose, mirroring with a great sense of latitude a dark background, transparency, depression, bewilderment or any such impressions.

Tamam Azzam: I never confine myself to a specific color, subject or technique. I do whatever pops up in my mind amid these heaps of choices.