He tells a story through his canvas

About the Artist

The Moroccan fine artist Mohammed Bennani holds a BA in fine arts, painting and sculpture from the Higher Institute of Fine Arts in Paris. He has organized many exhibitions in Morocco and abroad. Bennani’s works of art are displayed in public and private collections in Morocco, France, Spain, Iraq, Tunisia, the United States, Germany and Italy.

Benani’s paintings focus on the materials he uses, that he uses. He attributes his interest in basic materials to his experiences that have gone beyond painting to include sculpture and interior design, where he uses bronze, stone, marble and wood.

It is next to impossible to separate Mohammed Bennani’s personal life and paintings. You can never draw a fine line between the two.

Mohammed Bennani: I always wake up with a painting in my mind that I had seen in my dream.

Bennani lives in his own world of art, contemplating his memories and colors.

Mohammed Bennani: My art workshop is just like my temple. It is part of my life, my childhood; it has photos dear to my heart taken with my father and mother.

The preference for a life of solitude cost Bennani marital bliss as his marriage ended in divorce.

Mohammed Bennani: My wife has nothing to do with it. It is because of art.

Bennani’s world is steeped in love and in black color. A world which is very hard to decipher, albeit it looks easy.

Mohammed Bennani: I do everything while I am painting. I play and settle scores with the different shapes of the artwork; I maneuver them as if I am telling the canvas my story.

The challenging style of Bennani sent the price of his paintings skyrocketing.

Mohammed Bennani: I found it strange why people have to pay this much.

A great part of Bennani’s imaginary world is attributed to his father. His father was so devoted to the piano that he had a romantic association with it.

Mohammed Bennani: I saw how he used to kiss the piano once he was done with playing.

Mohammed Bennani: I follow suit. I kiss my artworks.

But such a romantic father whose life floated on the musical scale of piano had no tender emotions toward Bennani or his mother.

Mohammed Bennani: My father used to beat us all harshly when visiting our home. That’s why I took my mother as my lifetime friend. (Cries)... My apologies.