He thinks in two-dimension, but paints in 3D

About the Artist

Mattar Bin Lahej was born in 1968 in Dubai. He is a painter, sculptor, and photographer. His art came to prominence over the past few years through his participation in several exhibitions inside and outside the UAE. He is self-taught having extensively read on the subject and practiced. In 1992, he established the Mattar Gallery for Fine Arts, the first Arab gallery of its kind to be run by an Arab artist.

Matter Bin Lahej bears the brunt of the concerns of his audience who receive his paintings swarmed with flying threads like ribbons.

Matter Bin Lahej: These lines have not come from thin air. Each stroke reflects the pulse of the artist’s sensitivities and feelings.

Bin Lahej has never been dependent on an accumulated heritage that would carve his niche.

Matter Bin Lahej: The wet sand was more than a part of my painting, part of my tools. It meant everything to me.

Intertwined lines running in different directions do not, at the outset, suggest that they will end up in an artistic sculpture, but Lahej made it so.

Matter Bin Lahej: I found out that fast-paced lines can be transformed to project images of three dimensions.

The artist knows for certain how to progress in his journey, though the destination is very formidable.

Matter Bin Lahej: Globalization has transformed us to be like free birds flying to the furthest destinations.