His art was inspired by a mud house in Abha

About the Artist

Saudi artist Muhammad Farea was born in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1968.
Muhammad Farea holds a higher diploma in computer graphics and quantities from the technical faculty since 1992. He is member of the Saudi Arabia association for culture and arts and is a founding member of the Al-Riyadh artistic collection. Farea received a medallion of appreciation from His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Nawaf bin Abdul-Aziz for organizing and participating in the exhibition held on the margin of conference on the Euro-Saudi relations in 1999 in Rome.

Mohammed Farea’s art has been inspired by his mud house in Abha, which was so dear to him. Thanks to the influence of his traditional home, Farea maintained his classical style of painting, untouched by the rapid changes of modern times.

Mohammed Farea: My house is where I belong . So when I draw it, I do it with a heart full of emotions.

The Abha mud house prompted Farea to embrace the abstract style, using vigorous color spots, 41” and to adopt new techniques to entertain the viewer.

Mohammed Farea: I could draw my house in such a way that others may not perceive it as a dwelling place.

Farea’s painting comprised different layers, created with the passage of time. Each layer had its own tools and symbols which melted in harmony to narrate his life experience. This could perhaps explain the multi-layer elements of his paintings, made of letters, structured space of colors and harmonious brush strokes.

Simple style and years of experience were the bedrock of Farea’s unique style, combining words and colors.

Mohammed Farea: We are documenting the moment, this very moment.