His objects were found to be flying creatures

About the Artist

Mahmoud Aboud Fahmy was born in 1962. He is an artist who embraces the humanity affiliation as he embraces the heritage of Iraq, his home country that upheld his dream. Fahmy, who has lived in Russia, Ukraine, Norway and the UAE, belongs to an open school that cannot constrain his ambitions: it is the school of ingenuity... His experience befits the artist who arose from the Iraqi province of Babylon, whose history is rich in the arts.

Mahmoud Aboud evinced a high degree of loyalty to the Iraqi school of art, and created his characters in the paintings using excessive colors, and imbued them with a spirit of total freedom.

Mahmoud Aboud: Migration, the state of being on the move all the time, instability and the apocalyptic situation in Iraq have been embodied in my paintings. After being immersed in my paintings I saw that the objects I drew resembled flying birds.

He traveled from Iraq to Russia to Ukraine and from there to Norway and finally Dubai. The state of continuous migration was provoked by the bitter experience resulting from futile wars.

Mahmoud Aboud: I traveled 900 kilometers on foot from Kuwait to Baghdad, it was a bruising experience.

Mahmoud Aboud who hailed from Babylon has turned his pains into works of art exuding a high sense of patience, and creating a nation full of walls with paintings. Aboud has pursued the path to his own Utopia with his brushstrokes while his Iraqi audience was watching him very closely.