His paintings are created from the beholders’ perspective

About the Artist

Saudi artist Bassem Al Sharqi focuses on modern art in the Pop Art tradition of the late American artist Andy Warhol. In his work, there are many images and figures that resonate with people of the Middle East. His career began to take shape after he joined the Fine Art House in Jeddah in 2001, where he was able to refine his talents and meet other artists. In 2003, he turned a corner when he joined the Fine Arts Institute of Sharjah and moved its membership to the Emirates Association for Arts. Then in 2005, he launched his first solo exhibitions in the Jeddah Fine Arts Atelier. That was followed by his second solo exhibit in 2007, titled, The Static and Neglected Movement. Arab critics unanimously agree on the distinction of his art.

Bassem’s tools are unpredictable, since he can morph anything he sees into an art technique.
Numbers, letters, old photographic shots, acrylic, water colors, silk screens and collages are but few of the things Bassem uses to create Pop Art.

Bassem Al Sharqi: Mona Lisa represented my early experiments with Pop Art.

Bassem’s technique is based on replicating each stroke with high visual prowess and unique insight.

Bassem Al Sharqi: I always use acrylic and silk screen techniques and it does not mean replication, but rather assertion.

Transforming apparently useless trifles into a piece of art is the main foundation of Bassem’s artistic style. Components which are not eye-catching at all have been the hallmark of Bassem’s marvelous silk screen paintings.

Bassem Al Sharqi: My technique is somehow odd and different and nobody else has so far dared to experiment with it, and that’s why I stand out.

Bassem was born in Mecca, and lives in Jeddah. His talents, nourished at an early age, turned him to an outstanding artist. He honed his skills with academic studies in Sharjah.

Bassem Al Sharqi: My paintings are intended to reach out to people. Once displayed, I am a beholder just like other people and cannot distance myself from them.

By dint of his sharp artistic talents, Bassem brought back to memory bygone faces, imparting them with a vivid sense of life.