His paintings reflect his many talents

About the Artist

Ibraheem Abu Saad is a Bahraini artist, and a founding member of the Bahrain Association of Fine Arts. He was born in Muharraq, Bahrain in 1954. He got a BA in painting from the Fine Arts Department in the University of Baghdad in 1978. Abu Saad is currently working as a senior technical specialist for school books at the Ministry of Education. In 1992, he completed design and book arts courses in the British capital, London. Abu Saad is considered as one of the most eminent fine artists.

Though he gained deep academic knowledge in art alongside vast experience in other creative fields including poetry and music, the Bahraini artist still refuses to describe his achievements as a “project”.

Ibraheem Abu Saad: Viewers cannot see the details of my paintings. I look at them through different lenses, and once something touches my soul, it becomes intertwined with me.

In his paintings, there are many aspects of creativity as he is a calligraphist, a poet and music lover. Abu Saad’s versatility led him to express his inner soul on canvas with the flowing strokes of his brush in such a way that you can feel his emotions and almost touch them.

With his perseverance and diligence, Abu Saad created his own techniques which are full of raw materials that have been applied to highlight his tormented heroes, fainting lovers and search for lost hope.

Ibraheem Abu Saad: I take natural materials like sand, pumpkin and turmeric which I soak in water for some time and dry in the sun to be used on a subject to give a visual value.

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