An inborn talent for art

About the Artist

The Syrian artist Amal Mulhem was born in Damascus in 1953; she lives between the UAE and Canada. Amal Mulhem was a student at the Fine Art Faculty in Montreal, Canada in 1997 to 1998. Mulhem graduated from Adham Ismail Center Of Visual Arts in Damascus in 1969, then from Sorbonne in Paris in 1978. In 1986, she graduated as an interior designer from the Fine Art Faculty at Damascus University.

As early as the age of three, Amal had revealed an inborn talent for art and drawing. The early start set her on a long journey during which she never abandoned her love for the pencil and paper.

Amal Mulhem: After I began to add colors to my paintings, I felt that I missed a piece of my heart by shying away from pencil. So I went back to the black pencil and then added colors to give a new dimension.

In the mid 80’s, Amal graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Damascus to embark on a tireless journey in the world of art. She carved out a niche for herself, giving a special touch to all her characters.

Amal Mulhem: Portraits have always been my comfort zone since I can convey a touch of sadness or happiness on any face, no matter what.
Amal’s style of painting stemmed from an accumulation of experience which made it unique and alive with wild imagination.

Amal Mulhem: Whenever I decide to paint something, the outcome would always be something different.

Once, a British woman came to an exclusive exhibition of Amal’s paintings. The woman was so mesmerized by Amal’s work that she came up with some unusual requests.

Amal Mulhem: “Can I touch you,” the British woman asked. “Can I call my children to see you? This is an extraordinary moment.”

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