Inherited and embraced old civilizations abstractionism

About the Artist

Balqees Fakhro was born in 1950. In 1975, she obtained her BA in fine arts and art history from San Francisco. In addition to painting, Fakhro wrote several critiques and analytical pieces on art, like her chapter in the book “Culture in Bahrain in Three Decades”. Fakhro’s experience is distinguished for its complete maturity especially as far as the general style and colors are concerned. Fakhro’s works are quite abstractionist for the places she depicts carry a variety of possibilities that make it difficult to determine their geographical identity. She paints “some place in some place,” as she puts it.

Shuttling between Manama and San Francisco, Balqees Fakhro established a vigorous and dynamic experience in fine arts where she managed every single brush stroke with a high sense of consciousness and perception. There is an unbroken silence about her paintings that speaks volumes about her vision.

Balqees Fakhro: When I am painting, I become deeply immersed in my work.

Balqees’ involvement with abstract paintings has not come from thin air, but her arduous perseverance, her sincere sense of belonging to her home and daily exposure to local art in Bahrain. Moreover, she came from a family whose success in business did not prevent her from becoming an influential voice in art thereby creating an aura of deep culture, politics and knowledge all around.

Balqees Fakhro: Twenty years ago, the city was awash with scholastic information on heritage. It was an equal mixture of Iraqi and Bahraini influences.

The painting’s texture was just a part of Balqees’s feelings. She was blessed as she was born to an Iraqi mother who took pride in belonging to Awal civilization, the ancient civilization of Bahrain.

Balqees Fakhro: Since I belong to this region, of course I feel proud of myself.

Feeling proud was not enough for Balqees as she was exposed to the most salient features of civilization and arts, particularly abstractionism.

Balqees Fakhro: On certain occasions, I struggle hard and produce a piece of art which is successful, but it is not me.