Introducing aesthetic elements in life

About the Artist

Iraqi artist Hemadi was born in South Iraq in 1964. He holds a Belgian nationality and lives and works in Belgium.

Hemadi can be easily motivated or provoked to paint. His restless personality can paint an entire city with its horses and wild falcons.

Hemadi: Artists are always on the lookout for new methods on how to introduce aesthetic elements in life.

Hemadi picks up contentious subjects and skillfully mirrors them in his paintings. His strokes evince academic excellence taking the viewers to the renaissance age by depicting paradoxical faces of modern times.

Hemadi: When an artist is in restraint and cannot paint what he wants, he cannot find true expression as a real artist. This is the dilemma of the Arab World as artists lack freedom and lead a tumultuous life.

His academic excellence did not shackle him at all, but set him free to depict extreme modernism, with paintings flying with wings of oil color and pencils. His unsettled state drives his creativity and makes the viewers inquisitive.

Hemadi: Gold never gets rusty and remains glittering as a star in a cloudy sky or dark night where we cannot see any shining stars.