Journey to Jerusalem through colors and shadow

About the Artist

Yousif al-Dewaik was born in 1963 in Jerusalem to a family that hails from Hebron. He obtained his BA in fine arts in 1985 from Yarmouk University in Irbid, Jordan.

If you happen to be born in Jerusalem, then life has singled you out as it is a city of a uniquely different flavor. Yousif al-Dewaik is one of those blessed artists.

Yousif al-Dewaik: My attachment with art is triggered by the Islamic and Christian sacred land.

Al-Dewaik’s art is inspired by Jerusalem’s rocks and domes where his character is polished.

Yousif al-Dewaik: I am in love with art since my early childhood.

Al-Dewaik painted all the alleys of old Jerusalem for his thesis of graduation which remained part of his soul thereafter.

Yousif al-Dewaik: My paintings of Jerusalem alleys were not mere embodiment of places. They epitomized the spirituality of the area.

In the 1990s, Al Dewaik made a shift in his style of paintings bringing in fabrics, textiles and other natural ingredients.

Yousif al-Dewaik: Artists are always engaged in the constant search for truth, and that is what Al Dewaik mirrored in his paintings.

The wall dividing Palestine was part of al-Dewaik’s themes, and it equally divided his paintings. Yet it remained pure Jerusalem in nature.

Al-Dewaik left his street lantern in an old alley of Jerusalem which is still lighting until now.

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