A Master of Arts: painting answers of unsolicited questions

About the Artist

Faisal Louaiby is a fine artist who has been painting for almost five decades during which he gained fame both inside and outside Iraq. He is known for rebelling against rigid artistic forms and for his love for contradictions. He used aspects of the Iraqi culture in the most technically advanced manner. He was born in Basra in 1945 in the working class area of Bariha. He spent his childhood in a family that loved and appreciated culture and visual arts.

According to the German critic Gabriela Spregat, clarity is the one overwhelming concept that encompasses all murals of Faisal Louaiby.

A fleeting glimpse of his paintings would reveal very conspicuous impressions.

A fully dressed man, a downcast woman, a hookah, a pot full of fruits …

I was mesmerized by the silence enshrouding this Iraqi artist who takes you back to an era of ancient art work.

Faisal Louaiby: The Europeans can distinguish between my paintings and other art trends from my society.

Faisal’s academic journey began in Baghdad, transited through Rome and Paris and ended in London.
Such a long journey has made Faisal a real guru in art, a master of his craft.

Faisal Louaiby: I am a harsh critic of my work.

The phenomenal attraction of his paintings is due to the great resemblance between him and his characters. Much like the Sumerian’s faces that created their great civilization not too far from Faisal’s birthplace.

Faisal Louaiby: I often look at myself in the mirror; perhaps I am convinced that I am handsome.