No compromise with the style of letters for the sake of colors

About the Artist

Abdullah Akar is one of the most prominent calligraphers in Tunisia and the Arab world. He was born in a Bedouin family in the southern tip of Tunisia and travelled to Paris in the late 1960s to conduct postgraduate studies. In Paris, he met the famous Iraqi calligrapher Ghanem al-Aani who became his mentor and taught him to master the art of calligraphy. Since that time, Akar has realized that painting and calligraphy will be the focus of his career. He also worked as a mathematics teacher, which played a major role in shaping his artistic tendencies as far as accuracy and structure are concerned.

Akar has a passion for old and contemporary Arabic poetry, which is obvious in the way he incorporated poems in his paintings

In the early 1970s Abdullah Akar migrated to France to study science. However, after meeting the reputed Iraqi calligrapher Ghani al-Aani, he changed course and embarked on the study of formative arts and Arabic calligraphy.

Abdullah Akar: My artwork is a manifestation of the Seven Suspended Odes. I started painting on ultra-transparent fabrics then moved to iron, textile and glass.

Akar has broken the silence engulfing Arabic calligraphy, put it under the spotlight and blended it with fabric and painting brush to go beyond all the established rules.

Abdullah Akar: I am always focusing on good texts.

Akar preserves the value of Arabic letters and does not compromise it for the sake of colors, beauty or abstract painting.

Abdullah Akar: With every new project, I use a poetic verse as my mantra: “If People, one day, desire to live, then fate will answer their call.”

Taking a deep reflective look at Akar’s paintings, one will be stunned with the shift he made from science to arts and ornamental formation of Arabic letters. It was a win-win situation as Akar had mastered both skills, namely, formative arts and highlighting Arabic letters.