Nostalgic Painting of the Lost City

About the Artist

Iraqi fine artist Mohammed Fahmi was born in Babylon and is one of the pioneers of the Iraqi fine arts scene in exile. He is also one of the prominent founders of the fine arts movement in the UAE. He currently lives between the UAE and New Zealand. He designed the world’s largest ceramic mural in the Dubai International Airport tunnel, whose length amounts to 6,600 kilometers.

Human memory has neither borders nor specific features, and Mohammed Fahmi’s art embodies the other side of borderless memory but with well-evident features.

Mohammed Fahmi: Many images never stop crossing my mind such as old Al Hilla alleyways and old buildings.

Fahmi’s characters in paintings seem ostensibly to surrender to their destiny, but in effect, they portray exactly the opposite.

Mohammed Fahmi: Abstract paintings are the diametric opposite of realism. However, I attempted to mix both to create something dynamic, rather than static.

Fahmi did not have the luxury of a formal academic education of art owing to political reasons, but he made it up by having his own art workshop in the backyard of the school of economics. It is a bruising experience that has been well illustrated in his paintings.

Mohammed Fahmi: I leave some leeway to the beholder to grasp my painting by piecing it together.

There is no sense of time for Fahmi. The past is no different from today or the future. Time is lost, albeit it exists with its sorrows and aspirations.

Mohammed Fahmi: I still recall my first painting which depicted block factories located near my house with smoke rising up in the sky. is excellent, good work!
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