Only intelligent beholders glance at my paintings

About the Artist

Suhail Badoor was born in 1957. He took part in several joint and individual exhibitions in Europe and the Middle East. Several of his works were recognized by the Ministry of Culture.

The Syrian artist and sculptor Suhail Badoor was born and educated in his homeland before he moved to Switzerland to be a resident artist.

Suhail Badoor: I began sculpting on tree trunks since I come from a village famous for olive trees. I was inspired by women and music.

In his paintings, Badoor seeks to establish a link between the warm colors of a Syrian village with its olive trees and the cool hues of his home in Switzerland.

Suhail Badoor: In the West where people claim that I am inclined to use eastern colors and in the East they regard my style as one that is Western.

Badoor has very clear views when it comes to art methodologies.

Suhail Badoor: Art is neither eastern nor western, and we benefit from techniques.

This moderate stance hides behind it a sharp touch when Suhail approaches his paintings.

Suhail Badoor: Only intelligent beholders glance at my paintings, and there is no room for half-wit and cowardly people either.