A painting brush holds sway of the artist’s hand yielding a piece of art

About the Artist

Nasser al-Turki is a Saudi artist whose experience has attracted the attention of several critics, among them Dr. Hakim Abbas who analyzed his work. He described Turki’s work as: “Messages in two directions … a journey to the light [and] … the throne of light.” Turki’s art represents a constant state of contemplate and speculation.

Nasser al-Turki was from Hail but he relocated to Riyadh with a dream. His journey into the realm of art started at an early age as he amassed considerable experience when he was in his 20s.

Nasser al-Turki: I did not study art, all things started as a hobby.

Turki compensated the lack of academic education by working in close association with various artgroups and this made it possible for him to take part in many group exhibitions.

Nasser al-Turki: Recently, my focus has been on devising my own initiatives which culminated in launching solo exhibitions.

Critics regarded Turki’s paintings as a transition stage to light or a source of light itself as light was a key element in his work.

Nasser al-Turki: Light is the lynchpin of everything. Light might even be inspired from extreme darkness.

If you watch Turki while he is drawing, you will be stunned by the nimble movement of his brush, so much so you may wonder whether it is his hand that is moving the brush or vice versa.

Turki’s relationship with his paintings is based on contemplation wherein his deep meditation would inspire him to mix panoramic colors that give a sense of comfort and happiness to the beholder.

Nasser al-Turki: When overwhelmed by my paintings, I close my eyes for a while in order to see the world from a different angle.