Paintings resemble mother nature

About the Artist

Artist Hamed al-Bousta was born in Bahrain in 1971 and has been a member of the Bahrain Arts Society since 1993. Son of the great Bahraini artist Abdul Karim Al Bosta, one of the founders of the Bahrain Arts Society, Hamed Al Bosta has a carrier full of artistic experiences and exhibitions. He received many prizes and awards and in 1999, he participated in the 12th Norwegian International Print Triennial- Frederick Stade. In the same year, he participated in the International Cairo Biennial. In 1988, his first solo exhibition was hosted by Bahrain Arts Society.

Al Bousta’s paintings embrace the falling leaves of autumn with its evening breeze. The nexus between his canvas and earth drives Hamed to lay them down on the floor in a bid to make them hug their fellow leaves.

Hamed al-Bousta: I feel the interaction with the painting I move and dance with. This is more flexible than the traditional approach.

Hamed’s tools are very humble, but carry the power of interaction where the acrylics merge with paper in a chemistry created by a skilled craftsman. By doing so, the light creeps through the tiny concentrated nooks to create a unique piece of art.

Hamed al-Bousta: My colors are intertwined. A quick glance at them makes you feel that they are inspired from autumn, and at other times you find them hot or sharp. You might see them as gloomy or even touch them.

Hamed inherited a distinguished art legacy from his father who was a leading artist in Bahrain. However, Hamed carved his own niche in the realm of art.

Hamed al-Bousta: I was born in the living room. The place comprised one room only where we used to live, paint and sleep.