Passport to the world of art

About the Artist

Nizar Daher was born in 1951 in the Beqaa in Lebanon. His academic study in Russia has deeply impacted his artistic production. In fact, he considers his stay in Russia his passport to the world of art. He is well-known in Lebanon, the Arab world, and Russia. One of his paintings is displayed in the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg.

Sand is not the only salient feature of Dhaher’s paintings, but rather it gets the credit for Dhaher’s early journey toward the destination of art which originated on a rainy day in his native village Tebneen.

Nizar Daher: I used to mix sand with water and draw my paintings on them.

Dhaher never abandoned the sands of his Lebanese origin, so he carried them over with him to Russia where he studied fine arts. There his artwork broke new ground to earn fame.

Once you set your foot in the Hermitage Museum, you feel you are living a dream within a dream.
When you glance in-depth at Nizar’s paintings, you feel you are encircled by the beauty of the sky, light and shadow, and hence, you bow to their obvious charms.

Nizar Daher: I still recall the poplar trees which change the color of their leaves in autumn.

Astounded by the beauty of the green color shades, Daher believes there is a soul lying behind each painting he draws. When asked whether he feels besieged by paintings haunted by souls, he says:

Nizar Daher: I am not surrounded by them, in fact I fly with them.