Perhaps I am the sole artist to draw with ink

About the Artist

Artist and port Leila Daher graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Lebanon in 1989 then studied interior design in the US in 2003. She is a member of the Emirates Fine Arts Society, the International Arts Center, and the Arab-Swiss Forum.

Laila al-Dhaher is a Lebanese painter. She was born in Tyre and grew up in Beirut before moving to the UAE.

Laila al-Dhaher: The start line should be from the classical school and artists should be engaged in arts for 10 years to get the feelings of colors. Then I embraced the impressionist style of painting.

Perseverance and consistence are the underlying factors which led Laila to go to Private Art as it is called in the U.S., and eventually polish her skills in dealing with colors.

Laila al-Dhaher: The violet color is always in dominance. Red is synonymous with the concept of war and love.

Laila is a versatile artist who employs various art techniques effectively in the course of bringing perfection to her paintings.

Laila al-Dhaher: I am inclined sometimes to use color paints to symbolize an idea, and when I don’t feel at ease with the outcome, I shift to acrylic. I am capable of using all techniques in paintings.