Portraying suffering of Palestinians at the Gaza crossing

About the Artist

Hazem Harb is a Palestinian artist who was born in 1980 in the Gaza Strip, the southern region of the occupied territories of Palestine. He moved to Europe in 2005 and is currently living and working in Italy. Harb graduated in 2009 from the Institute of Visual Arts in Rome – Italy. He has completed a Fine Arts internship at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Rome in 2006. In 2005, he obtained a diploma in children's illustrations from “Tamer Institute for Community Education” in Gaza – Palestine in 2005. He is currently working in the contemporary and visual arts fields. He graduated from the European Institute of the Visual Arts in Rome-Italy. Harb has worked in various projects linked to painting, assemblage, video art, and photography, through multiple concepts including the themes of war, loss, insecurity, shock, human vulnerability and global instability. He is still working now on his multimedia conceptual art works with its various tools.

Hazem Harb’s artistic maturity was polished by dint of his shuttling between Gaza and Rome. Of the two capitals, one epitomized suppression while the other was the hub of fine arts. Against this background of stark contradictions, Hazem decided to launch his project with two paradoxes styled “Omission and Addition.”

Hazem Harb: I use faces embodying the forgotten past like the history of Palestinian people which is in a state of complete oblivion.

Hazem was not enslaved by the technologies of the West which opened the doors of Rome, London and Paris for him. Instead, he decided to economize on the use of cutting-edge technology.

Hazem succeeded in portraying the humiliating and torturous process of waiting at the Gaza crossing to umpteen art lovers who saw his paintings and empathized with the suffering of an entire nation.

Hazem Harb: It is an invitation to the Europeans and Arabs to feel the pulse of the life in Gaza.