The reason for her career switch is a secret!

About the Artist

It may seem that Mona Chouk is swimming against a tide. She was born in Lausanne, Switzerland and migrated to Tunisia to study Business Administration, however change to Fine Arts.

Mona Chouk: I studied in the School of Business Administration which has nothing to do with art. Nevertheless, I was deeply attached to art since my childhood and visited art museums in Europe and Tunisia, but never grasped the nettle. I was afraid.

Faces frequent Mona’s painting which are her art mantra. Seemingly, two faces tend to appear those of her father and mother.

Mona Chouk: I flirted with the idea of two faces; perhaps because I descend from a Tunisian father and a Swiss mother. However, I would say man can always find his hidden other half after long toil, but he has to work hard for it and one day he will find it.

Glowing colors bustling with the beauty of life are reflections of the deep orient steeped in Mona’s subconscious mind. It is the yearning for the desert, the sea, the blazing sun which has overwhelmed her imagination without her knowing.

Mona Chouk: I love glowing colors. It took me five years to realize that; it is a culmination of my career.

She has been asked why she switched to fine arts, and what her motives were in changing the course of her academic study, and if she was influenced by somebody.

Mona Chouk: I won’t say who was behind it. It is a secret.