She considers all artists to be designers and vice versa

About the Artist

Iraqi artist Lina Ogaili was born in 1973 and currently lives in Dubai after she was forced to leave Iraq. In 1993, she got a diploma of fine arts and design from the Chelsea College of Art in Britain. In 1996, Ogaily received a BA in Interior Design from the University of Kingston in Britain. She is a member of the Association of Iraqi fine artists in Baghdad, and in Britain. She is also a member of the Emirates Society for fine arts in the UAE.

Lina was born to architect parents who lived in a house with walls adorned by masterpieces of renowned Iraqi artists. Lina’s imagination began to take wings after studying design at universities in the United Kingdom. This background gave her the confidence to create paintings that reflected a high level of professionalism and an in-depth knowledge of art.

Lina Ogaili: My first painting in which I genuinely articulated myself freely was the result of moments of spontaneity, and somehow I was able to express my nostalgia.

The visual impressions which Lina amassed made a shortcut into her paintings, and it was supplemented by her study of design that lent a graphic touch to them, which together enabled her to carve out a niche in the world of painting.

Lina Ogaili: My artistic style in particular went through various phases until it matured and combined themes, space, calligraphy and color, leaving the viewers’ imagination to run free.

Within her artwork, mass and space melt together to create a bond reliant on the overt overlapping of colors tinged with unfettered graphic touch. The creation of such artistic shades has resulted in an audience which hails her works.

Lina Ogaili: I consider all artists to be designers and vice versa.