She tosses the brush in favor of painting with her fingers

About the Artist

Emirati artist Dr. Najat Maki graduated from the faculty of fine arts in Cairo in 1982 and holds a PhD in numismatics from the University of Cairo in 2001. She worked as a supervisor of technical tools in the ministry of Education. She is member of the Emirati fine arts committees, member of the Friends of Arts association in the GCC, member of Al-Jidar Association and member in the Dubai Cultural Council. Najat Maki won many awards in Al Sharika Biennial, the GCC Biennial and Al-Mahabba Biennial in Syria.

At the time she set her foot on the journey of art, Emarati artist Najat Makki employed all the components of GCC architecture in her paintings. She even unleashed her imagination in applying innovative colors.

Najat Makki: I have applied saffron and henna as they belong to the Emarati culture.

Though she has an academic background in sculpture, Najat is more inclined to painting and unintentionally embraces the passion of an artist when visualizing the features of her portraits without the mediation of the brush.

Najat Makki: Daubing colors on canvas gives me an in-depth insight into the harmony of the artwork.

The artist gathered vast experience over the years by dint of her dedication and perseverance. However, she persisted in the hard work.

Najat Makki: I have been able to realize many of my ambitions in the field of art. I have held solo exhibitions and art workshops.

In her paintings, Najat transformed her characters, regardless of their race or nationality, to mystical rainbows flying beyond the horizon which leaves the beholder mesmerized.