Space sculpturing & imprints of unidentified people

About the Artist

Nadia Kaabi is interested in the concept of memory and the way geography and politics play a role in shaping identity. In 2010, Nadia got the first prize in the Urban Architecture competition in Berlin, Germany. She graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Tunisia in 1999 and obtained her PhD from the Sorbonne in Paris in 2008. She was born in Tunisia in 1978 and is currently living and working between Tunisia and Germany.

Nadia al-Kaabi was born in Tunisia where she lived until she was 12.

Nadia al-Kaabi: I got my Masters and PhD in the arts from France.

Today, Nadia al-Kaabi lives and works in Berlin where she mastered her artistic techniques and charted her career map in the realm of art.

Nadia al-Kaabi: I follow the space sculpture style.

Space sculpturing technique is splitting a piece of art into two parts; the first part is hung in the space, and the second is the shadow, and both shapes merge to create the final intended image.

Nadia al-Kaabi: It is a mingling process between painting and space.

Nadia has also excelled in fingerprint art, employing the same technique used by forensic police.

Nadia al-Kaabi: I have worked in bus and Metro stations where people are seated in their travels, so I extract the fingerprints of their body, face, hand or hair from the glass or the station.

All these techniques moved Nadia al-Kaabi to new heights of fame in Europe but she is yet to be recognized as a top artist in the Arab world.