A style of excessive letters from drums to airplanes

About the Artist

Nja Mahdawi is a Tunisian fine artist and calligrapher. He was born in Tunis in 1937. He graduated from the Academy of Arts in Rome and from the Louvre School. He was awarded several prizes inside and outside Tunisia, among which was the Grand Prize for Art and Literature in Tunisia. He is a member of the Arts Award jury at the UNESCO and has special ties with Gulf nations like Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Oman where he designed a number of state facilities especially airports.

Nja al-Mahdawi is a versatile artist with multi-faceted art techniques in which he finds refuge when materializing his thoughts on fabrics, leather or any other vibrant raw material.

Nja al-Mahdawi: Letters are in existence everywhere, yet without forming any significant word or content.

This approach with letters took Naja to new heights in deploying myriad letters and breaking their dead silence to speak volumes.

Nja al-Mahdawi: I named my artwork “Unchained musical letters.”

There are no limitations to Naja’s creations. He draws on airplanes, drums and walls, thus turning silence into creativity that echoes across the world.

Nja al-Mahdawi: You always have to take creativity with a grain of salt.

A graduate of the Rome Academy and Louver School of Art, the Tunisian artist’s high degree of skepticism gave him an edge to mold shapes with skillful mixture of colors.

Nja al-Mahdawi: Artists should master their job very well.