Waves create an enchanting painting

About the Artist

Mohammed al-Mulaihi was born in Asela, Morocco in 1936. He is one of the most important artists in the fine art movement of Morocco. In his art works and paintings, he combines the heritage - which is the source of his sensual experience – and the openness to others - deriving from his academic studies in European universities - in addition to his international culture. He has exceptional tools in visual arts, conveying all the beauty in life, and fighting the injustice in his own artistic way, where he preserves aesthetic and authentic spiritual values and standards which emerged from his homeland Asela. He repaid his hometown in 1978 when he founded, with his friend, an artistic festival that later became a model project nurturing intellectuals who would leave their imprints in the artistic and cultural diverse fields.

Mohammed al-Mulaihi hails from Asela of Morocco, a town nestling on the Mediterranean. He was deeply influenced by the sea which turned his paintings into figurative waves embracing water, clouds and sunset.

Mohammed al-Mulaihi: The sea of Asela is like the daily newspaper. Once fishermen wake up in the morning, they make their way to check the color of the sea and whether it is suitable for fishing.

Al Mulaihi’s waves beget each other, mixing clouds to give birth to colorful lights to create an enchanting panoramic blend of curves and lines.

Mohammed al-Mulaihi: Waves are always linked with the sea, life and woman.

At the age of 55, he embarked on his artistic journey from Titwan to Seville, Madrid, Rome, U.S. and finally Paris.
In Rome he met Alberto Moravia who opened the doors of Italian culture to him.

Mohammed al-Mulaihi: Alberto’s wife and mine are sisters.

Without that association, al-Mulaihi would have never attained such insightful maturity and in-depth knowledge to master the art of the secrets of his craft.

Mohammed al-Mulaihi: When the moon is half, it looks like a part of a woman’s body.