Woman is the bedrock of my artwork

About the Artist

In her busy painting career, Nabila never forgets that she is a woman. The Bahraini artist’s works reflect the richness of the orchards’ colors, the glowing hues of peasants’ clothes and silver decorations dating to the ancient Dilmun civilization.

Nabila al-Khair: As a hobby, I worked in the fashion industry until I carved out a niche in colors which helped launch my artistic journey. It is color which creates a motivation in art.

With more than 25 years of experience, Nabila created her own style which matured by perseverance and constant participation in art exhibitions in the Middle East and other parts of the world.

Nabila’s works use innovative techniques and suggest a far-sighted vision. She dedicated her paintings to women only.

Nabila al-Khair: Every artwork has got one of woman’s secrets.

If woman is the protagonist in Nabila’s paintings, the red color is dominant, and this could be attributed to the same reason which triggered her to choose woman at the heart of her subjects. It is the feeling.

Nabila al-Khair: I use red as it embodies emotional warmth. It’s a cozy color.