The world revolves around Thaer Hilal's unequaled style

About the Artist

Thaer Hilal was born in 1967 in Al-Nasseriya. He graduated from the department of Visual Communication at the School of Fine Arts in the capital Damascus. He has been taking part in several joint and individual exhibitions in Arab and foreign countries since 1995. He took part in the Asian Art Biennale in Bangladesh and in two exhibitions in the Sharjah Museum as well as Art Dubai in the UAE. He got second place in photography at the Sharjah Third Biennale and received the Golden Grand Award.

Thaer Hilal’s widely acclaimed paintings bring a soothing comfort to the eyes of the beholder. His artistic creations are characterized by the application of unique layers of colors which result in a refined unity resonating as a “mantra” in his paintings.

Thaer Hilal: I come from a tiny village called Al Nassireya which lies a few kilometers away from Damascus, in the suburbs. It is a lovely village tinged with the colors of ever season just like my paintings.

Hilal graduated from the Fine Arts School in Damascus and then moved to live and work in Dubai.

Thaer Hilal: It was a new stage brimming with hard work, research and productivity.

Passion and perseverance took him to new heights in the arena of art. With his unique painting techniques which left an indelible impression in solo and group art exhibitions, art gurus concede that his artistic talent is a force to be reckoned with.

Thaer Hilal: Though I embody the pace of people, I am just a bystander who imparts everything around me to my paintings.